mHealth Pilot Monitoring HIV/AIDS Film Project in PNG


The Komuniti Tok Piksa (KTP) film project is innovating the way it’s monitoring the distribution of its five local films.

The KTP project was a partnership film project working with the Centre for Social & Creative Media (CSCM) and local PNG Highland communities to make films around HIV/AIDS, encouraging a local approach to HIV/AIDS message creation.

CSCM recently piloted the use of mHealth to monitor the impact of one of a KTP film called Painim Aut – a drama film set in Simbu Province.

The educational drama taken from the Komuniti Tok Piksa series tells the love story between Esther and Jimi and the importance of knowing your status through HIV testing.

University of Goroka postgraduate student Alessandra Mel recently brought the KTP team to Saispik settlement outside Goroka, where they screened Painim Aut and engaged community members in a feedback process that also included using mobile telecommunications.

Mobile health or mHealth uses mobile phones to both send and receive text messages relating to a subject, in this case the film.

She said that this mHealth pilot project will send out an SMS Quiz with four questions about the film on the themes shown with voluntary participants signing up to take part.

Ms. Mel is leading KTP’s mHealth monitoring through her honors research looking into audience understanding of issues raised in the film.

The results of her research project will inform the use of mHealth as a platform for monitoring health messages in PNG.

Ms. Mel said the screening produced good results for a pilot.

“The screening of the film captivated the audience with them engaging through laughter and chatter about the scenarios acted out in the scenes, which were familiar to them. This made it to be an icebreaker for feedback discussions that followed after,” she said.

There have been two community screenings with the mHealth pilot project so far with one more still to complete.

CSCM has received funding from AusAID for the distribution of the KTP film series, which is being distributed via DVD in collaboration with the National AIDS Council, organisational partners and communities.

The mHealth project is a component of the distribution and monitoring of the KTP films.

Following from this pilot, mobile phones may be used in the future monitoring processes within the CSCM.

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