By Scott Waide

 (This was written after Ryan Pini won gold in the last Commonwealth games. See other posts on Pini here and here.)


 We were all punters that day
When Ryan had it his way
In the pool that memorable day
When EMTV news saw a delay
Wearing the Kumul, that golden boy
Drowned the cries of Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

Heavy on his shoulders
And weighing more than boulders
Were the hopes of a nation
When Pini took his station
Papua New Guinea held it’s breath
The silence… it was like death

He lined up beside the best
Alongside Klim, Pine and the rest
The buzzer went and Pini splashed
The Kangaroo bounced, the Kumul dashed
Again the nation held its breath
But this time it wasn’t like death

The red black and gold
In the hearts of the young and old
The tiny group from Team PNG
Earnestly prayed that it had to be
Pini not Klim
Pini not Klim

This prayer echoed miles away
In Moresby Hagen and Lae
In homes and near tucker boxes
People gathered around boxes
And bearing the hopes of a nation
Kumul streaked past Kangaroo in stunning fashion