Are We Saying Yello to a new Telikom?

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Has Telikom finally found arsenal for the youth market? The service levels of their new CitiFon mobile service are still to be seen (or heard) and whether the market reach of the CDMA network will make this a viable project for Telikom is still a question to be answered.

But for starters the marketing is quite interesting. I have to say I like this radio advert, it packs allot of punch for Telikom. I’d even go as far as saying finally Telikom has a cool radio ad.

But as always the product and service will have to follow through after this to make it a competent contender against Digicel and bemobile (which is part owned by Telikom anyway).

It may not have to reach the entire country but if it can do one thing well, be it voice or data and do it well at a good price then it may have a chance. As Rex pointed out CDMA is better for data rather than voice so perhaps if they are targeting the youth market than maybe CitiFon could become the hub of music/video entertainment for that demographic?

In order to do this they could easily use a phone like the CDMA  Samsung Metro TV which has Live Video streaming capability. So with the Samsung Metro TV you could watch Live TV on your mobile and browse the Internet at speeds of up to 2.4Mbps. Anyway,  just a thought for Telikom.