Samson and his mates go climbing Mt. Wilhelm in PNG

My brother Samson was here on holidays recently, (he lives in Dubai where he works as an aircraft engineer for Abhu Dhabi Aviation). So he got together with a couple of his mates and they went for a climb up Mt. Wilhelm which intersects between the three provinces of Simbu, Mt. Hagen and Madang. They got into training some months ago for this climb, so here’s a couple of shots of his trip. Obviously you can get mobile phone reception up there hence the use of his Galaxy and social media as he posted pics as they climbed.

Just to give you an idea of how high the mountain is, Mt. Wilhelm at 4,509m above sea level is about twice as high as Australia’s highest peak Mt. Kosciusko which stands at only 2,228m in comparison.

mtwilhelm_5 mtwilhelm_1 mtwilhelm_2 mtwilhelm_3 mtwilhelm_4