A letter from the World Expo Shanghai 2010

PNG Artist Jeffery Feeger sent me this email a couple of minutes ago, so see it below with pics.


I would like to share my recent experiences here in Shanghai, I’ve been here in Shanghai for the world Expo for the past 6 weeks.

I was sent here to set up PNG’s booth, which we got 90% complete before the pavilion opening which was on the 3rd May. Reason being some of our exhibitory items still have not been cleared by customs and I have remained waiting here for 3 extra weeks. Now I will fly home in a few days, to return at a later date to complete the setup when the final exhibitory arrives. Not to happy about that but… My experience here has been very special and I have made many valuable contacts in Shanghai. 

My artistic talent has been very well recieved here by people from all over the world. I have made very profound contacts with african countries, especially with the people of Angola Pavilion. I began conversation with the idea of live painting to music, I met a world famous South African DJ, DJ Versit@ile and we began preforming together. This collaboration has become a major hit here.

We preformed at the Angola pavilion several times and eventually did an amazing gig out at a club in Shanghai where I painted a portrait of famous R&B artist Notorious BIG to his music. 

I’m now booked to return to Shanghai on the 16th of June to paint at one of the biggest clubs in Shanghai. With huge media coverage and  Video footage of all my preformances recorded on film to be posted on the internet. 

On the 25th May I was invited to paint for ‘Africa Day’ at Expo along side Africa’s most famous musicans in front of African Commisioner Generals and other VIP’s at their exclusive function. During this event I let every person have an opportunity to paint the canvas before and while I worked, all to the sounds of incredible live african musicians. This was a very special experience, that Africa and I will remember. 

Each time I’ve preformed my name and Papua New Guinea’s name is mentioned and I feel very proud that I have had the opportunity to be here in Shanghai for Expo and been able to share my talent and culture with the world. Infact I have created such a stir here with my live painting that the Angola pavilion is willing to pay my way back to Expo to continue to preform this new musically influenced art in their Pavilion,  and now it seems several pavilions are also requested for my time, including our very own pacific pavilion. 

And I’m very pleased to say Angola has also officially invited me home to their country after Expo to preform there in November/December 2010. I hope to keep all my artworks completed during Expo together so I can have an Exhibition at the end of the year also. I hear the drums of Africa calling me, and I know very soon I will be making serious inroads there. 

I will bring home to PNG this new type of artistic preformance. The awesome ‘Dj Versit@ile’ will also come home to PNG for this! Something I hope PNG is ready for! Warm Regards from Shanghai. 

Jeffry Feeger
Contemporary Artist