ABC and Pacific Women’s Weaving Circle

Avinun tru everyone,

Hope you are all well!

Tomorrow (Thursday 12th August) between 11.30am-2pm, ABC TV will be filming a feature story on our Pacific Womens’ Weaving Circle. The location is Melbourne’s North Carlton Neighbourhood House.

It is scheduled to be aired on ABC TV on Sunday August 29th – and it’s a wonderful way for us to showcase our cultures (with an Islander meri at the helm to not have our story exotified disrespectfully)!

I will be chatting to Lisa and Maryann about the Weaving Circle and would really like the opportunity to talk to any Aunties and Mamas about the importance of something like this in Australia too.

As suga Maryann said, this is a great opportunity to give our Circle and craft some valuable recognition.

Would love to see many our Pacific Island sistas, aunties and mamas there!! And please bring along any Pasifika arts or crafts that you are especially fond of, so we can set it up on a display table.

Of course, if you would prefer not to be on camera, that is TOTALLY fine! Please just let us know.

Let’s share our culture, pride and stories on Australian TV! Please spread the word!

N xo