Shanghai Artist Battle 2010

Hello again people,

Just wanted to thank those people in Shanghai that made it out to the incredible Shanghai Artist battle 2010 last night! You guys made the night special for me.

For those that could not attend, well I was selected the winner of the Artist Battle, from 20 practicing contemporary artists from all over the world.

I was awarded RMB 2000.00 for my painting efforts, in what was the most intense 3 hours I’ve ever painted. It was a packed ware house with artists creating all forms of contemporary art, from Photograghy, textile, graffiti, performance, body art, projection, watercolour, acrylic etc.

I can’t tell you how cool it was to hear “the artist from Papua New Guinea, Jeffry Feeger is the winner.” Just wish I had some of my country folk with me to celebrate! But thanks Tchyina and Kassessa, and all my friends from Angola for the support.

A truly unique experience and I’m very glad everything fell into place for me. There where truly moments where I lost my self in my technique in what where close to spiritual and euphorical experiences for me.

I attached pics for your viewing pleasure.

Jeffry Feeger
PNG Contemporary Artist