How to win friends and influence policy in the Pacific

A think piece by Derek Brien

Simbu Men About to go Make their Demands Known

“In our region we have over one thousand languages, and a cultural make up that is as diverse as it comes.  Rules of engagement have some common elements that cross cultural boundaries, and some that don’t. The  way one person says something, is not necessarily the way the other person hears it. Engaging in policy dialogue in this context is about effective communication: building trust, understanding and consensus for action. This paper is presented as a Pacific perspective on more effective donor engagement in policy dialogue. The Pacific receives considerable international investment in aid, research and development programs. Yet many of these initiatives do not impact on policymaking and reform. Key messages from the research base are often not reaching or influencing national decision-makers. Improving the nexus between policymaking, research and other development actions creates opportunities for more inclusive and informed policy choice.”

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