Real Estate Injustice in NCD

Thank you Desmond Yaninen for putting a shared frustration into words:

Hi all,

I’d just like to draw your attention to the issue of Real Estate Injustice in NCD.

The majority of us are average people, fresh out of school and are looking forward to buying our first homes, but as you know, the problem is the property market here is grossly overrated. I won’t get into the figures because you know what I mean. It’s a classic case of first-come-first-serve; those who entered the work force before 2000 were able buy homes at ridiculously realistic prices. But what about us? As much as I need to be independent, even a modest home in a modest neighborhood is out of my budget…renting is not an option unless I’m married and my spouse is also sharing the rent…and at the rate this market is going, I’m never moving out of my parents house.

What I’m trying to say is that with so much vacant/undeveloped land within NCD, why are we fighting for a piece of the existing suburbs – Boroko, Gordons, Waigani, Gerehu, Hohola, etc…Why can’t they just create a new ‘middle-class’ suburb for us? I’ve asked around and they’ve told me that ‘the land hasn’t been zoned yet’, SO ZONE IT THEN! (For those of you who don’t know what zoning is, it simply means creating zones for residential, commercial, recreational developments on unzoned land). Look around Pom and see all the undeveloped-unzoned hills…and imagine you owning a home on one of those hills…it would be possible if only the hills were ZONED FOR RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT!

Every year, thousands of kids graduate from Uni/Collage etc… and enter the workforce and where do they live? The demand on the existing suburbs is growing exponentially and without the corresponding increase in supply the prices are never coming down. It costs K100,000 to build a home…not half a million!!! JUST GIVE US THE LAND!!!

I propose that we petition Governor Parkop, NDC MPs, and relevant Ministers to create a new suburb or zone some undeveloped land for us where we can build our own homes. If we can collect at least a thousand names of eager but oppressed potential first homeowners, we can get our MPs to do something about this.

We will have to set up a committee to make sure this happens. If you’re a driven and proactive individual interested in volunteering your services in whatever capacity and joining the committee, or if you just want to register your support for this movement, please reply to this email so we can see if we have the numbers to do something about this. We may not know exactly what it takes to achieve our ends or its duration, but getting the ball rolling is what’s important right now. Please forward this email to as many people as you know so we can seriously do something about this. When we reach 1000 first-home petitioners, we can take some serious action about real estate injustice in NCD.

Please note that unless you have something to say to everyone, please send all replies directly to me.


Desmond Yaninen


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