OLPC Training in Papua New Guinea

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Also while in Wewak I was invited to attend my nieces Graduation Dinner at the Divine Word University’s, St. Benedict’s Campus. My niece, who is appropriately named Emmanuella, was explaining to me her courses in her Teaching Diploma and then she mentioned that she was taught a 2 week course on the OLPC. That’s when my ears pricked up. ‘You mean the One Laptop Per Child Program?’ I asked. “Yes Liklik Papa, why?”

Well turns out that, this was the first year the course was taught and that next year it will develop into a year long course which you can get a certificate for. The course she did involved basics of the XO laptops and how to upload educational programs. But I’m dying to find out more about this course. I was also in a rush too after the dinner so I didn’t have time to see her course material, which she said was just a little booklet.


So far only 2 schools in PNG have been running the OLPC program. One in Gaire and One in Drekkir. But as Solo has pointed out looks like the government wants to roll it out in a big way to at least 10,000 children by next year and a quarter of a million by 2015. DWU, as always, seems to be on the ball here and have formed the OLPC PNG. This is a commendable step by DWU as training the trainers must go hand in hand with the XO’s or else they will be just bright and shiny toys which will be left alone after a couple of weeks.

Allot of material is now surfacing on the net as the OLPC program is taking hold in PNG and I can see that allot of work will need to come into play for internet access besides training the trainers. Hopefully with DWU also leading the way with PNGARNet they will have covered all their bases in making this not only a worthwhile exercise but an effective one.


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