Masalai is Looking For A Project Manager/Senior Web Developer-Designer

Title: Web Designer
Reports To: Managing Director

Job Description
The successful candidate will be part of a team or responsible for the design and development of websites for Masalai’s clientele and assist in the management of all web‐related projects. S/he will be involved in various web projects which will consist, from time‐to‐time, of Web Design, Content Management Systems (CMS), Database Management, Social Networking, Consulting clients and providing Training on HTML/CSS and the ExpressionEngine CMS. S/he will be required to have experience in graphics, layout, scripting, programming, as well as development involving compatibility and seamless integration with various technologies such as, but not limited to, PHP, Java, ASP/ASP.NET and ColdFusion.


  • Degree/Diploma in Information Systems Management, Computer Science or Information Technology from a recognised academic institution.
  • Be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. PHP, JAVA, ASP/ASP.NET ,ColdFusion or any other server‐side scripting languages.
  • Experience in developing static websites. Experience developing both static/dynamic would be a bonus.
  • Familiarity using Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or another image editing software for preparing images for web use.
  • Experience with jQuery, mooTools or Prototype would be a bonus.
  • Have an understanding of Database Management and Information Architecture.
  • Advocate for HTML/CSS standards as defined by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).
  • Creative, driven and committed to growing the Web Industry

People skills
Obviously this is a technical position, but here at Masalai Communications we also consider ourselves to be a bunch of passionate and creative individuals who occasionally like to share the responsibility taking the company forward. Having said that, we are mainly interested in recruiting someone who is outgoing, self‐sufficient, committed, genuinely interested in web technologies and being a part of this niche market in Papua New Guinea.

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