Part I of the PNG Q&A Show on EMTV – Improving Govt Communications for Accountability

Journalist Jo Chandler had commented to me last week that it was somewhat Ironic that on the very same afternoon that we were in the middle of  the Q&A show discussing what information should be shared by the Government and how it should it be communicated to the public, tweets began firing through our mobile phones that out of the blue the PNG Government had signed an agreement, that same afternoon, with Kevin Rudd to resettle Asylum Seekers in PNG.  So much for pubic discussion on an issue that has potentially wide implications for the country if their gamble goes wrong.

So anyway EMTV has finally uploaded the footage to Youtube. The 2 hour production has been edited by EMTV into two parts. Part 1 is below and Part 2 will be shown on EMTV this weekend with the online version to be up online next week sometime. Pictures below were kindly provided by PNG Village.

Let us know what you think of this episode. (Sorry Looks Like EMTV removed the video from their website)

qanda_1 qanda_10n qanda_10m qanda_10l qanda_10k qanda_10j qanda_10g qanda_10f qanda_10e qanda_10d qanda_10c qanda_10b qanda_9 qanda_4 qanda_3