Pastor Bas Fairio to give a Talk at UPNG Today About His Life As A Refugee in PNG


PASTOR BAS FAIRIO – Public Lecture

Pastor Bas Fairio was born on the island of Biak in West Papua on 28 October 1945, then part of the Dutch colonies. In 1949 the Dutch government granted independence for Indonesia. Until 1963, West Papua remained under Dutch sovereignty.

May 1963, Indonesia officially took over West Papua following an agreement signed in New York by representatives of the Netherlands and Indonesia. The agreement led to a movement of resistance by many West Papuans who had no part in the agreement. The fast growing tensions between Indonesian forces and local populations led to a fast influx of refugees. Pastor Fairio belonged to one of the largest waves of refugees and moved to the Territory of Papua and New Guinea in April 1969.

Since 1969 Pastor Fairio has been living amongst the large community of West Papuans in Papua New Guinea. His presentation will testify about life in refugee camps and within the community of West Papuans in Port Moresby. His great wisdom and his desire to bring a peaceful political solution for the future of West Papua have made him a Pastor Fairio has been at the service of God over fifteen years (1998-2010).


Although he is now retired he continues doing pastoral work everywhere in Papua New Guinea (preaching, supervising funeral services and burials).

MAPS is honoured to invite Pastor Fairio to talk about his life, his commitment to the cause of West Papua refugees, and share his reflections about the relationship between Papua New Guinea and its closest neighbour West Papua.

July 25th, 2013, 5 pm – Venue: Science Lecture Theatre, University of Papua New Guinea