Rot Go lo Wabag – a documentary showing

In the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives, Media Playground in Association with Moubment Films brings to viewers the story of an isolated community whose elected representative has remained true to the notion that good leaders can pursue both economic vilability and social responsibility. With Vision and comittment and a strong foundation of values based leadership, community based economic projects can provide financial security for all.

The film explores the road travelled by the people of Wabag, through the life and times of two if their most prominent leaders, the Late Sir Tei Abal and former Acting Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Samuel T. Abal as they continue to strive for the type of economic freedom that will benefit every member of the community.

Despite high drama at the national level in Papua New Guinea over the past 12 months, economic development at the District Level is vital for the sake of PNG’s majority rural population. Through interviews with Sam, the District Administration team, Impact Project team leaders, as well as his family members, viewers will come to understand the difficult blancing act that has been the road to Wabag for one family over two distinguished generations.

Executive Producers Shane Johnston and Alexandra Kalinoe

Commissioned by the Wabag District Administration