Big, Rooted and Ripped Off

Okay guys my first whinge for this year. So Callista had some cravings for Big Rooster yesterday arvo and so I willingly obliged because I thought cool I’ll get myself an ice cream or something too. Now I dont know why but I ended up ordering a Hawaiian pack instead and she got a 2 Piece Box.

But honestly, a Kwik Kai Kakaruk packet costs like K11.00 or someting at Boroko Foodworld so how do two pieces of chicken and some bits of fried potato end up costing K15.00 or more? Please what are we paying for? Even the service is not worth it when I have to correct my drink order twice.

Someone please remind me never to eat at Big Rooster again, 1) because of the price and 2) well hell I just gotta stop eating fatty foods full stop.