Nightclub noise upsets AusAID staff

By Ilya Gridneff in Port Moresby | October 07, 2009

Article from:  Australian Associated Press

IT’S not infamous rascal gangs terrorising Australian officials in Papua New Guinea but loud noise from a popular nightclub that upsets some of Canberra’s finest. sound device was used to record decibel levels from a popular Port Moresby¬†nightclub after AusAID staff complained the Lamana club’s loud noise was affecting their sleep.

Australian Government officials in Port Moresby receive generous pay packages including allowances for the ‘hardship’ posting, but now fed-up Paradise Palms residents are complaining bitterly about noise from the nearby Lamana Hotel.

An AusAID spokesperson said the landlord of the property, which houses Australian Government employees, “has made a complaint to (PNG) authorities that a local business is exceeding acceptable noise levels”.

“No costs were incurred in measuring the noise levels,” the spokesperson said.

Ironically due to the Australian Government’s wide ranging security concerns about Port Moresby, Lamana is one of the few venues officials are recommended to patronise.

One Australian official who had stayed at the Paradise Palms compound told AAP: “It’s pretty bad, every Saturday night especially, what’s worse is the type of music that’s being played”.

One resident would text message hotel management when he and his wife were kept awake by the bar’s music.

Lamana Hotel has 103 rooms, a conference room, restaurant and the bar is a hot spot for PNG’s elite and expatriate community who regularly flock to the ‘Gold Club’. Lamana management said they were aware of the complaint and have endeavoured to rectify the matter.

In May, AAP revealed a slew of AusAID advisers in PNG are on $360,000 tax-free packages therefore earning more than Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s base salary of almost $335,000.