Are You Being Explored?

I don’t have the latest map on me of current mineral resource projects in the country but as an indication below is one from 2009.

Click on map to see large version or download pdf version here.


Now what you will note above are operations which are current, potential, closed or advanced exploration areas. With the renewed interest lately in mineral resources in PNG one of the first indicators  of the level of  investment in this sector is usually how many exploration licences are being issued out in a country.

Have a look below at the Exploration License (EL) listings as of September 30th, 2011.

Click on map to see larger version and/or download EL listing in excel here

Virtually the entire country and parts of the ocean are being explored. The Yellow sections are EL’s under application, Purple are EL’s under Renewal and Blue are current EL’s.

If you’re a landowner or a business interested in more information, you can contact the Mineral Resources Authority on the following details:

Mineral Resources Authority
PO Box 1906
Port Moresby 121
Papua New Guinea

Phone: (675) 3213511
Fax: (675) 3200579