When the hell is NCDC going to come and clean this mess?

I have to drive past this mess every single day on my way to meetings. I live and work near Gordons market and this pile of rubbish is where buai market sellers have since gathered, which is near the shops at Gordons Market.

I keep hearing Governor Parkop say on radio that the city manager has been instructed but they have not done anything as yet. Well Parkop, if they continue to defy orders then sack them, this is getting ridiculous.

And for the buai sellers out there, do you really have to sit in this filth everyday? Police have come and chased them off, city ranger have come and flung their buai on the streets but they still persist. I know its an income for allot of them, but do we really have to conduct ourselves like this?

Just in case you’re not sure what you are looking at here, this is an actual street which has somehow grown a pothole which has filled up with rain water and is now slowly marinating buai skins and other filth.

I’ve seen many roadside markets in Melanesian countries like the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu but we really take it to another level in PNG.