Painting ‘Trish’ by Jeffry Feeger

A 5min preview of a video installation piece Jeffry Feeger created for his up coming exhibition, ‘Sepik River Collection’, opening on the 29th March at the Whitespace Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand. This is his description of his work:

“Trish is from Kambot Village, located upon a tributary of the middle ‘Sepik River,’ East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.

I traveled down the Sepik River in June of 2010 with a colleague Dr Susan Cochrane. During which time I was able to share and exchange artistic culture with local artists. I was also able to meet and photograph a lot of interesting people, such as the young and uniquely beautiful,Trish.

Trish’s portrait is part of an entire collection of 14 Sepik River portraits that I and my 4 year old son Axel have painted using the photographs taken. I created this video to take you through the stages of intensity and creativity that hide behind my final works on a gallery wall.

Using elements of magic learnt from traditional culture, such as ritual, fasting, and dreaming, I open my mind to spiritual connection. I teach and share my knowledge with my four-year-old son Axel. Together we create the painting and share a spiritual bond with each other through the process. We also share creation with the spirits of our ancestors. No mark in the process is a mistake and everything is as it should be.

Jeffry Feeger”