Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010 contestants say Thank You

Thank You from old plantation

There’s been allot of media and facebook criticism in PNG, levelled against the South Pacific Pageant 2010 and how it was organised. I for one was distancing myself from it on Monday because some friends and family thought I was involved, but I don’t think it was a total failure though.

First of all, none of this activity was government sponsored or supported, so no one can be asking about where the money went. It’s a private event really. But because it aims to represent our cultures on a regional level, you immediately become responsible for holding the torch for what PNG represents.

I think the organising comittee did a fairly good job, despite delays here and there (maybe PNG time creeping in). Maybe the entire pageant could have been planned allot earlier, instead of the last minute rush, but it must be said that the entire visit for our Pacific guests ran quite smoothly and they did a variety of things such as visiting settlements and travelling to Alotau.

Unfortunately for things like this is, the only time the whole country will be engaged will be at the crowning which was televised for all to see. This is where some unfortunate mishaps ruined the whole aura of the event which will make it a must-do challange to take it on again, but to do it better next time around.

So what went wrong? Well from what I hear only two major issues at the crowning. The catering which forced K1,000 a ticket patrons to be eating cold food off paper plates and plastic cups and air conditioning which after about K50,000 paid in repairs decided not to work at all. And last but not least (and please remember that the pageant organisers are seperate from the Miss PNG team) the Miss PNG performance. Now the poor young lady has received so much flak for this. I do feel sorry for her and I hope she is okay. I really don’t want to rub anything in here, but I think we should openly discuss this not to bag her but just to see where we went wrong and then for us to work to ensure it never happens again.


But for Miss PNG, I think two big No No’s. Never use a musical piece for your PNG act if they are not Papua New Guinean. Secondly, if all else fails with ideas for your costume revert back to your provincial traditional wear. Although I must admit its a huge undertaking to try create a costume that can represent all of PNG’s cultures.

Speaking of representing all PNG cultures, a Miss PNG needs to use more pidgin, have a look at the video above and tell me why last years Miss Fiji is the only one speaking pidgin. [Update 8/12/10: Okay I have to make an apology here. I have been advised by Miss PNG that she did speak Pidgin and her Local Dialect wherever she went, and that final thank you note on the video above was scripted for her and she only had a few seconds between rehearsal to shoot it. So I take back my comments there about not speaking pidgin].

I think it’s done, it’s gone…good or bad, lets just learn from it and make sure that we do secure it again to make the next one even better this time.


By the way, a big congratulations to Miss Cook Islands for winning the crown this year, other results are below:

Pageant Results

Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010-2011: Miss Cook islands
1st runner up: Miss Aotearoa (NZ)
2nd runner up:Miss Samoa
3rd runner up: Miss Fiji
4th runner up: Miss Hawaii

Best sarong, Talent & Photogenic: Miss Cook Is.
Best Traditional wear & Best Friendship/Personality: Miss Tonga
Tourism award: Miss Aotearoa (NZ)
Miss Elegance: Miss Hawaii Is.
Miss Internet: Miss Samoa