Timber Mafia Misleads Forest minister

Author: Gangai

Dear all,
Take note that a Hii Eii Sing of Malaysian Nationality  the single share holder in ANG Agro forestry Management has deliberately lied in his letter to Mr. Thimothy Bonga the Minister for Forest in an effort to get the Minister’s backing to allow the pontoon that has been stopped at Oro Bay Port, (PNG) to continue to a logging project in the Collingwood Bay that does not exist.
He claims that the Project has the full backing of the Tufi LLG and the Oro Provincial Government including landowners, when in reality the Governor of the Province and the LLG president have disassociated them selves from the project and have voiced the view that they were not consulted and the LLG and Provincial Government have not given approvals of any sort for ANG Agro Forestry Management to operate in the Collingwood Bay. The landowners he claims that are fully backing the project are in fact those whose signatures were collected by an agent from Port Moresby under false pretence. The Directors of the landowner Company he refers to whom he claims are land owners are not  all genuine land owners as some of them are from the Popondetta and Ioma areas which are at the extreme opposite end of the Province, one is from the Highlands. One director of this Land owner company he refers to in his letter is from a different part of the province who is also a landowner representative on the Provincial Forest Management Committee. (A conflict of interest).
In fact Mr. Hii Eii Sing sponsored the travel cost for the Tufi LLG President and a local councilor to travel to Port Moresby to give their support for the project but they both refused and publicly stated that they stand by the land owners position that theydo not want the project to go ahead. Mr. Hii Eii Sing on the 3rd of September tried to sponser a lunch meeting at the Fu Gui Restaurant for the Port Moresby residents from Collingwood Bay to talk them into changing their position but they refused. Even the Governor said he was not attending.
The Chairman of the Provincial Forest Management Committe  has also in my discussions with him stated that the project had not been given endorsement by the PFMC due to some irregularities with the documentation and instead the PFMC resolved that a fact finding visit to the area be made by Provincial Forestry Officials. The Provincial Forestry Officer, Mr. Sebastian Autherking confirms that the field report indicated that majority of landowners did not support the project.
The people taking the lead in this campaign to expose this illegal logging project are genuine land owners of the Collingwood Bay and not NGOs as claimed in his letter to the Minister.  If he  is refering to the Center for Environmental Law and Community Right, CELCOR and Environmental Law Centre, ELC and CCADA as the NGOs. For the record bothe CELCOR and ELC are our Lawyers and the Collingwood Bay Conservation and Development Association is the mandated forum of the people of Collingwood established by a Memorandum of Agreement and registered for the purpose of voicing the views of the 326 clans of 9 tribal Cheiftainships. So we, CCADA, who is at the forefront of this campaign to protect the rights of our people are not just an NGO, we are the voice of the Cheifs of Collingwood Bay! We are the landowners who have the authority to decide who we tango with! So what is Mr. Hii Eii Sing up to now ? Cry to the minister to bend the rules for an alien?
As far as we are concerned portions 113 and 143 do not exist as per the Court orders obtained on the 10th of May 2002 and effectively cancelled.
This is not the first time a logging company official has attempted to corrupt our leaders and we will not allow it to happen.
To all of you out there, please take this message on and support the people of Collingwood Bay in exposing these Timber Mafia who have caused the country enough problems. When they  come across a stronger opposition they will go to bed with the government to use his might to bully us! But we will yell this cowardice to the world.
We  would like to also ask  Government Officials to view this deliberate act to mislead the Minister as a serious matter of meddling with the laws of our country by an alien and act accordingly to consficate the pontoon and its load of heavy logging equipment and have Mr. Hii Eii Sing deported.
I ask our friends and collegues in Malaysia to bring this to the attention of the Malaysian Media.
Can the PNG media or someone who knows Minister Bonga, to please forward this email for his attention. The people of Collingwood Bay demand to know the Minister’s position. Even if he gives his backing the project is already deemed illegal given the fact that the Forest Clearance Authority being suspended with the likelyhood of being revoked  on the basis that the land title for which an agriculture project approval was given is now effectively null and void.
Please support this call to Expose the likelyhood of one more minister being corrupted by a money hungry alien logger!
Take note that some annexures to the attached field report have been removed to reduce the file size and can be forwarded upon request. There are also copies  of correspondences  with various agencies regarding the intended Illegal Logging in the Collingwood Bay and photograpghs of machinery, illegal operations on the ground and even unlicenced firearms which can be obtained on request for publicity purposes by the media and anyone who wishes to post them to internet websites and blogs.
We thank you all for your continued support.