Source: The PNG News Page

Mining Minister Hon John Pundari is calling on the National Government to consider setting up a governing body that will ensure all Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) operating in the country work within a set policy framework.

He said whilst he appreciated and respected the fact that some NGO’s  like PNG Red Cross Society, World Vision and others were doing an excellent job for the betterment of our people, there were others whose interests were not genuine.

He said the governing body once established, could come up with a policy framework, based on which, NGOs should partner and complement the Government in addressing issues of concern.

The body should also ensure that NGOs are responsible and accountable for their actions should their actions amount to damages and losses.

“Sometimes NGOs make unsubstantiated claims that cause unnecessary losses to other parties concerned. The thing is that NGOs involved in such cases are not held accountable for their actions in cases where they are at fault, because there are no policies that would ideally hold them responsible,” Hon Pundari said.

He said that NGOs operating in the country by virtue of their status are almost at liberty to say and instigate anything they feel duty bound to do so on behalf of either themselves or in the name of a group. However, experience to date suggests that more often than not, they act for themselves and not the ordinary Papua New Guineans they claim to represent. The Government therefore has a duty to protect its people from these selfish and unscrupulous individuals and entities calling themselves NGOs.

We have to protect our national interest from unscrupulous foreign elements who would be using unsuspecting National NGOs for their own gain.