Oshen’s contract with CHM ends


THE contract of Papua New Guinea’s local and international music icon, Oshen with CHM Supersound has been terminated. He will be recording his latest album outside the country.

OShen, whose real name is Jason Hershey, came to PNG with his parents in 1970s, grew up and had educated in the country but now lives in Hawaii. He signed the contract with CHM when he started doing his recordings while in PNG. In a press conference at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby yesterday, OShen told the reporters that the cancellation of the launching of his latest album “One Rebel” under the CHM Supersound band on October 18 this year was to do with his rehearsal and not on his personal problems as the media speculated lately. He claimed the CHM supersound band served him five days to rehearse and that was not enough time. His band members spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to study his songs and when he came in for rehearsal, the members were not prepared. “By Friday, no rehearsal took place so I had to call my mum back home in Hawaii and she told me not to perform in order to
maintain the company’s reputation as well as mine,” he said.

He said from then on, the company started barring him from its facilities and premises and barred him from completing his latest album. OShen said since then, things began to unfold as it was hard for him to complete his latest recording and the company even stripped his songs from the “Rait FM” radio station. “They terminated my contract with them because I did not perform at the Port Moresby Country Club. Due to lack of preparations I decided not to perform at the concert and I wanted them to reschedule the concert on later dates at the different venue but they refused it,” he said.

He said currently he is not on contract but has formed a band called “Rebels” and will perform live at several clubs in Port Moresby.