The Ranu Guri Kite Flyers of Konedobu


It’s one of those ironic things, that my mate Robert Weber spotted these kids flying homemade kites on the hills of Konedobu, just next door to the famous Australian High Commission Compound, ‘Fort Shit Scared’. On one side of the hill you have this fully fortified fortress for Australian public servants in Port Moresby, then just metres away on the very same hill, you have the care free kids of Ranu Guri SettlementĀ  flying kites made of umbrella material, sticks and plastic.

So Robert and I decided that we had to climb up there and get shots of these kids. Pure bliss it was, just sitting up on the mountain, over looking Fairfax harbour, watching the buoyant kites in flight being swallowed by the sunset. Most of the kids mulled around Robert and his camera work but the dedicated few simply focused on the job of being a genuine Ranu Guri Kite Flyer.


IMG_5059 IMG_5105 IMG_5132 IMG_5188 IMG_5232 IMG_5254 IMG_5262 IMG_5339 IMG_5433 IMG_5460 IMG_5479 IMG_5501 IMG_5511 IMG_5540 IMG_5587 IMG_5595