The Beautiful Past

The past was beautiful. It had plenty. Plenty of food grown in the gardens and harvested for special traditional gatherings and on other special occasions. There was plenty to eat after a whole day of fishing.
There was a time when people went out to the beaches during the low tide and fished, gathered sea shells. cooked and ate on the beach and returned home when the sun found its bed in the evening. At night when the moon shone bright these occasions happened too.
They were exciting nights at the time when I was a kid. My ancestors did the same. All that now remains is Loniu village politics. The era of rice and tinned fish is at hand.
Powesiu Lawes, 1978
[An interesting artist and inspiring man who wrote this when he was a student at Sogeri National High School. He is now a doctor and living in Loniu Village in Manus. I met him when he was our rugby trainer at the University Rugby Union club and I hope to have his book of work from 1978 republished soon]