Does Post Courier know how to Speak English?

This is the sort of garbage that our media companies serve us that annoys the hell out of me. So I want to ask does Post Courier know how to speak England…uhmm…sorry I mean English? I just had to scan this front page from the weekends paper. I mean is this what we can expect from a News Limited company? Rupert Murdoch are you seeing this??

What sort of english is “This Has Being Our Life”? What the hell does that mean? Then to make matters worse, and sorry you wont be able to read it because the image is blurred, but the text under the image reads as folllows:

“All four a wheel chair ridden. Invalid they cannot be of help to one another in doing house choirs or helping out in the garden. But this four siblings have God to thank for their loving parents for putting up with them and still providing the basic things in life for them. This is an amazing story told by GORETHY KENNETH who visited the family on Buka island. REPORT PAGE 7

Please someone tell me what is wrong with that paragraph above?

Post Courier, do you have any Editors at all who check these things? Do you know how to speak english?