Who is threatening our national security?

By Kumbit Aivi

The recent highly publicised prison walk out and the subsequent recapture of suspected bank robber and notorious criminal William Nanua Kapris and his cohorts has brought to the fore at least two serious issues facing our country. While this walk out continues to pose a temporary physical security issue, the real issues that underlie a threat to our national security are vested in the circumstances surrounding the walk out and the state’s ongoing responses to our law and order challenges.

Kapris has been adamant since his capture and detention that some benefactors of the activities for which he is accused, especially the two daring bank robberies, are high profile people in the community and that these people have since profited from the loot. If his claims are true, then this country is in serious trouble. That there are indeed people of high standing who occupy positions of great trust and responsibility are behind Kapris’ life of crime is indeed a great cause for concern. This is the first real national security issue that needs addressing immediately.

Police and other authorities within our justice system will be well advised to take heed of Kapris’ allegations and do everything within their powers to disprove him. His revelations, if he did disclose anything at all, may well be a case of sour grapes since the law caught up with him and left him high and dry while his passive partners enjoyed the loot in relative peace and security. Whatever his motive is for the attempt to now ‘spill the beans’ on his cohorts, a thorough investigation is required to get to the bottom of his claims.

Certain members of the disciplinary forces are clearly deeply entrenched in this particular case judging by the police uniforms and equipment that were used in the robberies and the unusual lapses in security protocol that lead to the walk out at the Maximum Security Unit at Bomana last month. These must be carefully investigated and the perpetrators brought to face justice together with Kapris. There have also been insinuations about a possible involvement by certain politicians and bureaucrats which must also be investigated and the individuals responsible rounded up and made to face the law. It is in the interest of our long term security and well being that the state must act judiciously and swiftly to properly prosecute this case and set up a good deterrent precedent for the future.