Send Money Pacific

Hi Everyone,

This email is about a new remittance advice and information website Send Money

The website is AusAID funded with support from NZAID, and has information relating to the sending and receiving of money between Pacific Island nations and Australia & New Zealand i.e. what the buy/sell rates are, service fees, transfer speeds, etc.

Last year Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu & KH Consulting were one of three shortlisted candidates asked to present our proposal for the development of this web portal to AusAID in Canberra.

However, Deloitte & KH were not successful in our efforts to secure the contract. The project was awarded to London based firm Developing Markets Associates (DMA).

A strong-point of the DMA submission was that:

  • Remittances were a key area of expertise for DMA
  • DMA had previously created the web portal primarily for remittance information between African and European countries

[28/01/09 CORRECTION:

  1. DMA did not exist as a company in 2005 when Profile Business Intelligence Ltd (PBI) launched as part of a contract for the UK Government’s Department for International Development.
  2. PBI, designed the concept, managed the creation and ongoing development of the site from 2005 to the present day.
  3. In 2008 PBI Trade Marked the brand.]

    Long story short, the website is now operational & DMA have done a very good job. I’ve just tried sourcing information on the website & it’s quite cool.

    The feature I like the best is the ability to source remittance information straight off the home page –

    Please check it out. It’s definitely a resource worth using and also one worth passing onto family & friends. As Pacific Islanders, we may need to send & receive money at some point between our home countries & Australia & NZ.