bemobile Turbo, have you tried it?

Digicel is a formiable competitor in all its markets, so it’s good to see bemobile hitting back with some punches.

I’m not on bemobile, although I was curious about their recent Trubo promotion which gives you 5 times the value of what you pay for. So for example if you buy K5 Turbo, you get:

  • 10 min, 40 SMS (bemobile to bemobile),
  • 5 min, 5 SMS (any network),
  • 5 MB data
  • All valid for 14 days

The highest package is for K40 which gives you:

  • 100 min, 300 SMS (bemobile to bemobile)
  • 50 min, 30 SMS (any network),
  • 25 MB data
  • All valid for 30 days

And it appears that data is free for phones with internet,┬áso looks interesting. Is there anyone out there on bemobile that’s using this promo deal and how do you think its going. Let us know?