South Pacific Export Papua New Guinea Open – 2010

Crunch time as the last put of the day is played

 I’m not a golf person at all, but walking around the 16th hole at the Port Moresby golf club on the weekend, I could see why so many golf fanatics spend their entire weekends here. I also didn’t realise until yesterday that the PNG Open is part of the Queensland PGA tour. Which could be likened to having an NRL game being played here at PRL.

These types of events really illustrate the marriage of business and sport. With VIP entry tents to free-for-all beer and food, each sponsor would have easily dropped over K30,000 or more for their advertising throughout the week of games.

I was particularly pleased to see several Papua New Guinean amatuers and Pro’s taking part. Considering how young some of them were, its a good start if they can stay focused on the game. I have cousins that basically grew up at the Lae Golf Club and despite winning many trophies even before getting into high school they never went on to the Pro’s. I guess life gets in the way sometimes.

But with this much money in the game, I hope we can see some more Augustine Peni’s in PNG Golf. The best thing about these young PNG golfers are that the majority of them have learned the game from being caddies and most of these caddies are from settlements.

So Victorian golfer Leigh Deagan won the tournament by four shots (10-under-278) over Queenslander Andrew Bonhomme and in doing so has secured himself a start at the Japan Golf Tour’s Asian Pacific Panasonic Open in September.

Special thanks to Digicel, SP Brewery and Media Partners for the VIP passes.