Okuk says RIP Baroness Margaret Thatcher

Okuk Mori Rogerson sharing a laugh with Timor Leste PM, Xanana Gusmao
Okuk Mori Rogerson sharing a laugh with Timor Leste PM, Xanana Gusmao

Speaking of Xanana Gusmao, one of my good brothers Okuk Rogerson, a successful real estate agent in Sydney, shares his thoughts on Margaret Thatcher below, but not before sharing with us his picture here having a laugh with the inspirational PM of Timor Leste.

Okuk tells me that Timor Leste our younger and smaller neighbor already has their SWF set up and currently the Petroleum Fund stands at $US10 billion and growing, that was more than 12 months ago. Xanana Gusmao told him that they expect their SWF to grow significantly once their Sunrise oil and gas fields come on stream.

But yes, sorry, back to the Iron Lady now.


By Okuk Mori Rogerson

In 1985, British Airways had an office in Port Moresby. If I can remember correctly it was at the ground floor of the AGC Building. A group of schools in PNG organized a school trip to Great Britain & France through the British Airways office.

I did well that year at school so my parents were happy for me to go on the trip. It was in September, and from memory I think it was a 10 days trip via Singapore.

We visited Great Britain which took us to England and Scotland and France during our term break.

It was a dream trip for us all as most of us had never seen such grandeur. History was all before us, palaces, castles, myths and legends, and it was memorable indeed.

This was also a period in which “The Iron Lady”, The Late Baroness Margaret Thatcher ruled Great Britain. So I was there when she ruled. I will cherish that memory as we all say farewell to a remarkable leader, a visionary who has changed the cause of history in Britain, Europe and help dismantle the former Soviet Union through her perspicacity for politics by acknowledging Mikhail Gorbachev as the leader the west can do business with.

She was also a devoted wife and mother.

RIP Baroness Margaret Thatcher