Painting ‘A Political Star’

By Jeffry Feeger – March 2012.

While I was down in Sydney, Papua New Guinea’s very own Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah created a media frenzy; appearing on front pages of Australian newspapers with allegations made against him of sexual harassment, heavy intoxication & gross spending at Sydney’s Star casino.

So on Friday the 16th of March, the day before I left Sydney I decided to paint live in public outside the Opera House and portray our deputy MP in a more dignified, respectful manner, showing the kind of leader we wish we could have representing our country.

PNG’s very own talented graphic artist Samson Korawali and renowned journalist Alexander Rheeney were also on hand to document every moment. Together we were able to muster a small crowd of wantoks and engage conversation with passers by.

This kind of impromptu performance and collaboration is what we believe to be the result of a significant paradigm shift in the expression of human beings, being spurred on by rapid changes in media technology and the social media revolution now sweeping Papua New Guinea and the world.

We hope that new forms of self expression through art and media can become powerful tools to guide, influence and inspire young people for positive change towards greater sense of self, identity and empowerment.

Photography by Samson Korowali