Nescafe Star 2009 GF – Your Vote since Ice Discovered in 2006 have we seen a singing competition in PNG.

Nestle’s Nescafe Star singing competition is a breath of fresh air for the music industry because like the One Music Competition and the Digicel Urban Bounce competition we can set the platform for talent to emerge where it should emerge from and that’s from you and me everyday people.

No right connections to worry about, no being the son or daughter of so and so, no needing money to do this or that…just you an individual who believes in him or herself and stepping up to be seen and heard.

The talented individuals who made it to the Nescafe Star Grand Final were:

  • Sophie Amaiyo
  • Spuncie Stan
  • Lee Walter
  • Henry Genan, and
  • Rosemary Taita Paru

So a big congratulations to Rosemary for winning the first ever Nescafe Star competition.

Now since we’re speaking of competitions I thought well maybe lets do some popularity voting ourselves here on this post to see if the general public’s opinion of who the winner should be is close to what the judges decided on the night.

See the performances of the contestants below and give us your opinion at the bottom: