NBC undergoing K2m Upgrade

Sunday Chronicle – 7/6/09

nbc_logoNBC have contracted South African company, Broadcast Solutions Electronics to undertake a K2 million upgrade of their FM Stereo broadcast network. Managing Director, Joseph Ealedona said that “the rehabilitation of the Medium Wave radio and Shortwave services is underway and we hope to fully restore the shortwave service by this month while the Medium wave service has been restored in Madang, Goroka and Alotau with three or four other sites yet to be fully restored”

Mr. Ealedona said technical infrastructure has not been fully rehabilitated in the last 15-20 years and the NBC is finding many other faults emerging as technical officers begin this exercise, therefore additional and hidden costs are being identified. He said once the NBC was satisfied that the provincial capitals are well covered in quality FM radio signals then it will move into the district headquarters in collaboration with all stakeholders and then into select regional cities.

Mr. Ealedona also said that tender bids for the studio facility upgrading throughout PNG is being finalised together with the Central Supplies Tender Board (CSTB) and the NBC board and bids would be looked at at this months board meeting.

He said that once all these projects were completed PNG should see a complete new NBC complimented with a new broadcast format and a new brand to be launched before the end of the year.

Meanwhile the National Television Service continues to expand its broadcast hours following the purchase of television production and editing facilities and training staff.

The NBC is awaiting the restoration of the Defence Force CASA airplane which is being used to transport high powered television transmitters to replace current text transmission equipmet and to continue the roll out into other provinces. NBC and Telikom engineers have upgraded the Television Transmitter in Port Moresby allopwing TV signal to reach into Papa Lealea, further into the Central Province and improve signals in the National Capital District.