2 Days in the life of a PNG Voter

Below are my facebook and twitter posts over two days in Port Moresby as I tried to cast my vote in this 2012 National Elections for the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

My two days went like this….

Day 1, 26th June, 2012

  • After all the ranting and raving by the people of NCD over the last 7 months, we now take to the Polls to do our bit for #PNG. Hope we all make it in to vote today.
  • Out near NBC in NCD to check if Im on the common roll. Polling officials still setting up #PNG
  • A small group of about 50 gathering here. Nice to see allot of couples coming to vote together #PNG
  • Still setting up. A lone policeman has wandered in chewing buai while he also waits
  • What if we could do our polling at BSP branches? We already spend enough time there and we get our banking done at the sametime :)
  • …and as always should be a good day of buai and loose cigarette sales for street vendors.
  • So we’re still waiting. Polling hasn’t started at my booth yet 😦
  • We’re lining up now. Scruitineers are now assembling and the empty box is shown to the crowd. Our ballot box number 128488. Our cable ties for the ballot box 100686, 100687, 100688, 100689. After the vote the last cable tie will be 100690.

    The open serial number on the ballot papers go from 004230 to 004786. Willie Awillie is our booth manager.

    But they dont have a pen, so were waiting for a pen for the volunteers.

  • …and horayeee!! My name is NOT on the Common Roll. Gotta check another booth
  • Checking another polling booth now at St Josephs Church. Same Ward but if not here then will have to try another ward. Waiting in line again now.
  • really sad to see an old man who rocked up with a worn out ID card being turned away because his name wasnt on the Common Roll
  • Nope second attempt failed at St Josephs. Not listed here either 😦
  • I think Ill go have lunch then continue after to see if I can vote in NCD
  • Actually let me make a 3rd attempt at a polling booth at a Gordons church first before I get something to eat
  • Met someone here who thanked me that they came to the right because of my blog posting of the Common Roll. Haha wish I had the same luck LOL
  • Third time again nothing. Will check Korobosea polling booth after I grab something to eat
  • OK lunch time’s up, off for my 4th attempt now to vote at Murray Barracks
  • At my 4th polling booth. Lines haven’t been extremely long. Hope its related to the number of booths in NCD
  • Polling Booths have 2 lines for male & female. Female lines in all 4 booths Ive visited have been longer.
  • Police at Polling booths are telling me that all votings ends at 6pm because we live in a city with roads.
  • Again no luck here. Maybe Im listed with my cousins at Gerehu? Off again….
  • Hahaha so because its my lucky day. Polling in Gerehu has been cancelled to tomorrow
  • What a ridiculous day of attempting to vote. Lets see if I’m successful at Gerehu tomorrow?

Day 2, 27th June, 2012

  • Common Roll an ultimate F&%k Up! Anyway off to Gerehu to make my 6th attempt to Vote
  • Gerehu polling on now. So 2nd day for this NCD region. Much longer line though
  • 5 people away from checking my name at Gerehu polling booth, NCD
  • Halleluiah, Praise the Lord!!! I’ve finally made my vote for 2012 #PNG National Elections! 🙂