The PNG 2012 Election Polling Information & Common Roll

Throughout the last several months of Constitutional gymnastics by our able bodied politicians, the only thread of hope we could hang on to was the fact that the National Elections was on its way. So ultimately, I figured (like most obviously have), that the only way to exercise some power in all of this gymnastical mess will be to exercise the power of your vote.

So as you would do, I tried calling the Electoral Commission and no one could help me. I went across in person and was given some contact information, which I shared online, but none of the numbers worked or no one was picking up.

Frustrated I asked “someone” and was able to retrieve the Common Roll for the entire country just so I could see if my name was on there. It appears that  I am not there, despite having voted in the past. Even my cousin Vergil has been listed twice in two electorates in Port Moresby and he doesn’t live in Moresby North East where I live. So the EC’s not giving me many options.

Anyway, some key information here:

Below are links to the Common Roll (from 2007 I assume) so you can check for yourself. Its a long process, so bear with me as I upload the whole country: