A New Bank Service Fee

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Banks charge a whole range of service fee’s, a K1.00 here,¬† a K30.00 there, all to perhaps cover the high costs of servicing our needs. Maybe its to pay for the construction and maintenance¬† of whole rows of teller stands which you will only ever see fully attended at the next coming of Joyce Meyer. Maybe its to pay for bank employees to walk faster from one room to the other when dealing with our banking? So as they say, you pay for what you get.

BSP has their new service fees out, but I came across a new service fee yesterday which I thought really justified its existence.

So here I was at a certain bank, at a certain branch yesterday which has a ticketing system. And as is the way with Friday banking I had to face up to queues as long as a Wally Pazzi concert. Seeing that my ticket number would be called after 20 or so other people I stood there glumly and disheartened.

Then suddenly and out of the blue a kind and friendly security guard came over and asked if I’d like a ticket that they had been holding on to which was further up the file in the 20 or so people ahead of me.

I beamed and brightened up and gleefully took on his offer for a K2.00 and before you could say ‘theoppositionleadermighthaveachanceatchaningthiscorruptgovernemnt’, I was at the teller and being served.

Unfortunately our dear bank will never get a piece of this action and but now the security guards have an incentive to serve us better. Now isn’t that getting what you pay for?