Sam Koim answers Greg Sheppards question on who pays his legal fees


Thank you all for your comments and I thank Mr Narakobi for conveying my learned friend Greg Shepherd’s commentary.

It’s very interesting to note a number of things. Firstly, my learned friend allocated only a single line to respond to a claim by one Kuni yet devoted his entire article on me. Secondly, he claims not to be on Facebook but narrated my entire facebook wall –seems like a convenient oxymoron.  Thirdly, I thought my learned friend was a lawyer acting for his client, having no personal interest in the parties involved. I now realise that he devoted his time vindictively stalking my entire facebook wall for some time. Fourthly, most of the things my learned friend tries at pains to rub on me such as my contract term, our legal fees/representation etc are in various court proceedings in which Greg himself is involved hence it is subjudice for me to comment.

Greg knows very well that our lawyers’ legal fees had been authorised for payment by the Attorney General. Although our lawyers’ legal costs were and are submitted to the Attorney General pursuant to the Attorney General’s letter, those who control the public purse refuse to honour. To-date, our lawyers have been rendering their services without payment from the Attorney General for a year unlike Greg and his other colleagues on the other side of the bar table.  As a Papua New Guinean, I can’t thank our lawyers enough.

I see that my learned friend decided to engage in a street fight in this manner. I don’t want to be a party to it. I know why he is ranting and raging like a wounded bull. He wrote to me threatening legal action for “just sharing” on my wall the SBS Dateline footage where he starred. At first I felt funny because there were probably thousand other people who populated this story when it broke out and they still do today. Viewing the footage again, I thought “is that you speaking on camera or someone else.” On Wednesday, I sighted a complaint against me by Greg to the Lawyers Statutory Committee alleging that I was the one who engineered the sting operation that filmed him with his famous “dribs and drabs” story. I nearly fell off my chair with that. As I was preparing the response to the Lawyers Statutory Committee, he launched this one.

Owing to pending cases and investigations that Greg knows very well, I do not wish to delve further than what I already have. As to who feeds me and my family? I do! I know you and your clients have taken a personal interest to monitor me including my bank accounts as reflected in this article. Dig all you want. I guarantee you can’t go far because I have a very short history. Let me tell you this, I am a Papua New Guinean and this is my country. 

I am sorry, Greg, I cannot stoop down too low and engage in your street fights. I was taught to be a professional, not a street fighter. One thing you have to be thankful, is that if it wasn’t for the actions we have taken, you wouldn’t have killed (who knows how much) the “elephants” in these court cases. Give credit where it is due.

With that, I raise my case.