The Okapa Connection

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Kudos to Carlos for digging this up from YouTube for us. I’ll see if Kundu 2 will play it for PNG. I’ve emailed the person who posted it on YouTube so lets see if he/she may have a DVD he can send Kundu 2 maybe??

But it makes me wonder if there needs to be a site or something to start sorting all the PNG related vidoes on YouTube. Seems to be a growing segment of the internet for PNG content.

Anyway so here are the videos. I guess there’s something here for the village farmer/businessman, the international environmentalists, coffee drinkers and maybe the Department of Agriculture & Livestock.

Part I

Part II

One thought on “The Okapa Connection

  1. Manu just found this story on you tube. Its a issue currently facing the highlands landscape where population increase has cause the clearance of natural forest to make land available for gardens and home, this has had major environmental consequence mainly erosion.

    The story is of one mans mission to reforest the cleared land and to educate his tribes man, women and especially children of the effects of clearing the forest and the importants of reforesting the land.

    Its called Mambis Agroforestry Nursery Project in Papua New Guinea and has two parts.
    Here is the link:

    This should be a good content for Kundu 2.

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