A Eulogy for Music Pioneer Glen Low

https://i0.wp.com/profile.ak.facebook.com/object3/1931/115/n44003503225_7214.jpgIt is with profound sadness that we report that renowned Rabaul musician and sound engineer Glen Low,has passed away aged 51.
Glen was a founding member of the extremely popular and successful PNG band “Barike” whose songs Wan Kantri and Giaman tu I Orait, amongst many others are well known throughout Melanesia.

Low was an engineer at Pacific Gold Studios in Rabaul and when owner, Greg Seeto started up the Port Moresby Pacific Gold studio, Glen took over the running of the Rabaul studio.

glen_lowGlen was well trusted by the musicians and he pushed for the rights and increased royalties for musicians all over PNG. He was also an instigator in the collaboration between Not Drowning,Waving and the Pacific Gold Musicians that led to the award winning album Tabaran and began Telek’s international career. He performed with Telek when Teleks international band set up, playing on all three albums, Telek, Serious Tam and Anette.

For the recording of Serious Tam, Low got to experience a life long dream by recording at Peter Gabriels Real World studio in Bath, Wiltshire,UK. Whilst recording the album, Deep Purple were mixing in the studio next door and along with the Telek band shared their meals and the table tennis table with Ian Paice, Ian Gillan and Roger Glover from the band.

Low toured all over the world with Telek from Seattle to Honiara, Noumea to Stuttgart, Melbourne to London and Reading, Rabaul to Toronto, in clubs and at world music, rock and folk festivals, universities and theatres proudly being an ambassador for the culture of his country and telling who ever would listen that PNG was a country to be proud of with over one third of the worlds still existing languages and an amazing vibrant music industry.

Glen had a producers ear for arrangements and harmony vocals, and was a lover of dub, reggae and a great knowledge of traditional PNG culture extolling its virtues where possible. He also had a strong socilal justice bent, and coached a homeless youth rugby league team in Rabaul and when Marcus Bai from New Britain played for the Melbourne Storm, followed Storm with a vengeance. Glen loved Rabaul and never quite got over the sadness of losing his home town to the destructive 1994 Tavurvur volcanic eruption. He got some land down at the Bainings and was happiest playing guitar and fishing and cooking down by the little bay on the beautiful north coast.

Glen is survived by his wife Linda and his children Juan, Gareth, Chad, Roweena, Hailley, Richard and Nokie.

Yu Stap Isi Barata

David Bridie

18 thoughts on “A Eulogy for Music Pioneer Glen Low

  1. Farewell Glen Low.

    I never got over the demise of PGS, which saw the breaking up of some of PNG’s best ever musicians. John Wong’s passing last year signalled the end of an era and now Glen Low.

    I will remain loyal to the great sounds of PGS of the 80s and 90s and will reminisce on them with great admiration and nostalgia.

    1. RIP Glenn Low and John Wong.
      My heart broke when I heard the news of their passing, my brothers from Rabaul were great influences in the Rabaul community and their music was loved throughout Papua New Guinea.
      We had many good times together and shared our grief at the devastation of Rabaul in 1994..
      my respect and love to you both.

      Mike Wild
      Engineer at Pacific Gold Studios Rabaul from 1986 to 1990
      and Pacific Gold (Port Moresby) from 1992 till 1996

  2. Oh God…BARIKE is my favourite PNG band.Glen Low,John Wong,Fabian Tadoi,Donald Lessy,Matalau Nakikus…they started playing in the 60s as teenagers long before computrised studios made it into PNG.They brilliantly set a standard and led the way in PNG music with Pacific Gold Studios propelling them thru or vise versa.They did it in style.
    I love Pacific Gold Music and like other PGS fans, I will only and always will listen to old PACIFIC GOLD albums only.They were the pioneering studio in PNG music.
    REST IN PEACE GLEN LOW…and JOHN WONG..God bless you both

  3. What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the country remains and is immortal.”

    Another great man – Glen will be remembered. May he rest in the peace of the Lord…

  4. Likewise, Barike has always been my favorite PNG band, always singing of beautiful Rabaul.
    John Wong’s gone and now Glen Low.
    PGS will always remain on my heart as the best-ever PNG studio.
    Don’t, however, let the music die!

  5. From your friends in Brisbane, to Linda and family;

    Our thoughts are with you at this difficult passing of my friend Glen,
    from section 78.

    As childhood friends, we must learn never to abandon each other, at all times, be it difficult or the good times.

    val glen ; will catch up in the future.
    rest in peace.

  6. I remember being so homesick at boarding school in Sydney and just blasting all my Barike tapes, just to make me feel better.
    By the end of Year 12 all the Australian girls practically knew all the songs – all because of myself and my sisters…
    Barike was a band that most of us Rabaul mixed race grew up with and will always hold dear to us – mostly because of John Wong and Glen Low – but not forgetting Fabian Tadoi…
    I can only imagine what John and Glen ko are doing right now in heaven… one singing his heart out and the other strumming his guitar to a different tune they now call home.
    My thoughts go out to the whole Low family in this time of great sadness, especially to Linda and children.
    Rest in Peace Glen ko…

  7. Mi sore tru…olsem wanpela lapun bilong music industry yumi lusim gen long sotpla taim tumas (mi no lustingting long late bro JW). Sore blong mi go long family na ol poro long sait blong music long PNG na overseas.

  8. Thank Glen and John for your gift of music. I grew afew houses away from the original PGS and the music was never far away. Bless u both

  9. I tip my hat off to you Glen Low.

    ‘Giaman tu I Orait’ remains one of my favourite PNG songs of all time. The message in that song will always be relevant to all aspects of PNG society.

    Thank you for original and genuine PNG music – and like many other PGS supporters here, your music will be heard long after we are gone too.

    Marmari anung iau karom ui.

    Yo! Wakak ma malurap!


  10. RIP uncle Glen, Have a safe journey to heaven.

    Love always

    Joe, Heather, Bree, Kevin, Hunter, Simon, and Pia.


  11. To Uncle Glen’s family, may God be with yous in your time of grief.

    To Uncle Glen we are all proud for all you have achieved over the years. I especially was proud to say that Glen Low in the group Bariki was my Mum’s brother. I would normally boast about it to every P.N.G person I met.
    We love you and pray that you are in God’s hands.

    From the GEDDES Family

  12. We shall miss you very much Glen, I won’t forget you all played music at my wedding. Rest in peace dear friend and as Matt says, Section 78 is missing a beautiful person. RIP

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