Obama to Announce Bin Laden is Dead, U.S. Official Says

Source: Bloomberg

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been killed, President Barack Obama will announce this evening, an administration official said.

Obama will deliver the news to the nation in an address from the White House this evening, nearly 10 years after the Sept. 11 attacks that bin Laden orchestrated.

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8 thoughts on “Obama to Announce Bin Laden is Dead, U.S. Official Says

    1. My initial thoughts are like Saddam, we should have perhaps kept these people alive for 2 reasons: 1) So that they could tell us about all they were planning and had done etc, and 2) They could be alive in custody to feel the misery of being locked up.

      But I imagine this is more a symbolic thing, to kill a symbol of what they stood for.

  1. I don’t think Osama would have divulged any information if he was taken captive. Nor would he have been likely to have let himself be captured. They reported that he was shot after a somewhat lengthy firefight. They didn’t assassinate him.

    Yet again, who knows the real story. A conspiracy theorist might say that he was captured alive and the US government has staged his death in order to close the books on the whole ordeal. It will be interesting to see how many books surface discussing the whole thing.

    1. I’m sure there will be allot of books to come.

      I think burying him at an undisclosed location out at sea was a nice touch. Finally the US understand a little of what makes the typical muslim terrorist tick. Will there be more to replace him?

  2. I think that there will be more to replace him.If Osama was the CEO, then his COO Al-Zahwari is still out there.

    Osama’s death does provide some closure for those who lost loved ones in 9/11 but it doesn’t mean that terrorists will be dormant. Like in any organisation though his skills,experience and the money he was able to bring in will be missed.

    From what we’ve read and seen in the media Al-Qaeda is structured like the mythical hydra, you cut off one head and another head appears.

    I agree with you though,that the US Government has begun to listen to the “doves” who advocate a more holistic approach to combating international terrorism. How can you bomb an ideology?

    1. A very good question, “How Can You Bomb An Idealogy?” Perhaps the answer is in that very question, maybe the US has it wrong because its not about Bombing in the first place.

  3. He killed and has been killing others all because of his misfit idiologies,its time he went also;hopefully it will sent a message to all others.You cant go killing and expect to go living happily ever after with your mutliple women and multiply children.
    Hope the world is a little better without him even it is for a while!!

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