One-Tox Live in Port Moresby!

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Phew…I mean I’m just catching my breath after the weekend with The One Concert and before that Wally Pazzi and the O-Shen concert that O-Shen was not at and then One-Tox too???!!! CHM, you’re going to win allot more PR points if you keep this up. Seems like the sporting season has ended and now the Music Season has begun.

So this weekend at POM Country Club, look out for the makers of that hit Ramukanji, that shook the country all last year and is now set to be on the top of everyone’s Google searches in the next couple of days. One-Tox live in concert and showing yet another signal that Solomon Islands music is a force to be reckoned with. Thanks CHM, I think I could get used to this.

And for you POM rugby fans like myself check out the cover done by the Brothers Rugby Boys at Bava Park:

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