Slumdog Millionaire Film Review by Ab Absurdo

By Emmanuel Narokobi

One of my small sisters has written a wonderful review on  ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘. It’s been a while since so much fuss has been made over a cross-cultural exercise such as this. From issues of poverty, exploitation, child abuse, the film industry and the love story itself in the film. A multitude of issues and themes present themselves in this film. I have to admit I loved it so much I’ve watched it 3 times already as I remembered my own trip to India in 2002. Anyway so here’s an excerpt of her review:

…Slumdog Millionaire does share the underlying theme that binds most Western (and Eastern) films of acquiring and earning love, however, the film provides the rare opportunity by allowing a larger audience outside of India to live and see life through the eyes of three young children who live in extreme poverty and experience painful experiences that neither of us would want to see happen to our own children. I believe this to be a more honest and realist portrayal of India – a well-directed film I would definitely prefer watching than a perfectly presented, over-romanticised film about India…Read full article here


2 thoughts on “Slumdog Millionaire Film Review by Ab Absurdo

  1. I agree with “This is not a ‘feel-good’ movie!” it is devastating sad to see what happens to the three central characters in their childhood. However there is a happy very ending. Love triumphs, this is a must see movie!

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