Digicel Urban Bounce is Back!

Our project for the kids, the Digicel Urban Bounce dance competition is on again. Auditions were completed this afternoon and the following teams go in for the Heats which begins this weekend at the Port Moresby Country Club.

Heat 1:
– Scarf Clowns
– Saints
– 5137’s
– Underducks
– Bounce Unit

Heat 2
– Crazy Bounce
– Creed
– Zombies
– Jokers
– Mr. Suox

Heat 3
– Anxiety
– XB’s
– Amity Crew
– Break Machines
– Blazing Infinity

Heat 4
– A2J
– Exclusive Breakers
– Crosbies
– G-Unit
– Free Breakers

For more info, pics and videos check out www.rokrokmusic.com

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