Does Post Courier know how to Speak English?

This is the sort of garbage that our media companies serve us that annoys the hell out of me. So I want to ask does Post Courier know how to speak England…uhmm…sorry I mean English? I just had to scan this front page from the weekends paper. I mean is this what we can expect from a News Limited company? Rupert Murdoch are you seeing this??

What sort of english is “This Has Being Our Life”? What the hell does that mean? Then to make matters worse, and sorry you wont be able to read it because the image is blurred, but the text under the image reads as folllows:

“All four a wheel chair ridden. Invalid they cannot be of help to one another in doing house choirs or helping out in the garden. But this four siblings have God to thank for their loving parents for putting up with them and still providing the basic things in life for them. This is an amazing story told by GORETHY KENNETH who visited the family on Buka island. REPORT PAGE 7

Please someone tell me what is wrong with that paragraph above?

Post Courier, do you have any Editors at all who check these things? Do you know how to speak english?

62 thoughts on “Does Post Courier know how to Speak English?

    1. ….Mr. Brian Warrillow, so that means the papers come printed automatically without quality control by human beings? hmmmm…professional negligence at it best!

      1. Whalin1,

        Right On Man!

        Pure professional negligence Whalin if we live by what Brian had said;he must be from another planet.

      1. Yes – it has ‘being’ a while. Committments have meant that I haven’t ‘being’ able to properly tend to T&D. Jetting around the place on tight schedules does have its reprecussions – fortunately, the next few months will hopefully see me able to squeeze some time into my baby. First class congratulations too on the little one! (Have just ‘being’ catching up on the blogosphere). Will be in touch : ).

    1. …I think she was half concious when she was tying that ….weekender so what do you expect??? …em man tu yah laka! …mas kisim wara liklik na tingting ino work stret.

      1. Whalin,/Emmanuel

        I am was merely expressing a point,but if I have offended fellow bloggers that was not my intention.I am in no where putting anybody down,after all who I am matters also(True Blue Gulf Blut;right down to last trace of it).
        You can trace the” Blut “at the National Archives;lol,do they have records there?I know they don’t keep it there!)
        Lighten up,I did not mean to be derogatory;just trying to explain.

        Smile man,we are not at war with each other but against bigger/evil crocodiles and sharks of the PNG system of politics.

  1. Did any body notice the apostrophe after the s in FATHERS’ DAY SUPPLEMENT?

    The apostrophe should be after the R and before the S..

    Ok now I’m being pedantic. But please how can you have this mistake highlighted in red, in capital letters on your front page?

    1. I wouldn’t put an apostrophe anywhere in “fathers day”, even more so when it is all in upper case.

      Good point overall, Emmanuel. Is it an Ingriss language pepa or not?

  2. @Weast

    Did you read this part, which I have copied letter for letter:

    “All four a wheel chair ridden. Invalid they cannot be of help to one another in doing house choirs or helping out in the garden. But this four siblings have God to thank for their loving parents for putting up with them and still providing the basic things in life for them. This is an amazing story told by GORETHY KENNETH who visited the family on Buka island. REPORT PAGE 7“

    1. …sharp copy-editor’s eyes you have Manu…I’m not taking a shot at the newspaper colleagues nor taking sides in the war of the two papers over circulation figures, but, just as I was beginning to dig up an extra 20 toea to pay for the Post Courier … such blunders come up…of course they’ll apologize with the lame excuse “the gremlins got into the system” or something… but while radio can be excused for a young reporters pronunciation or basic error of grammar… Post & The National must not lower writing ‘English’ in English standards…

    2. It looks to me the POST COURIER has done the invertible;sorry but I have to say it;they have done KANAKA.Me or my,have they localized the prove reader’s position?What was the checks and balances before,that is before a Newspaper is printed.?What has happened to the once upon a time best read newspaper?
      About a month ago whilst in the country a free Post Courier was always at the door.I would take it down to the breakfast table and read while having breakfast.I thought it was a one off thing when I did read and saw with my eyes the mistakes and spelling errors!But now that you guys have brought this to the blog I can see you that it was not a one off mistake;it seems like a daily bad dose of medicine.The paper has drastically dropped from it’s high place and into the bottom of the abyss.

      Somebody or someone has to see to this neglect of the Newspaper.Can I also ask if the positions have all been localized?I am NOT against that,just that there should be someone/somebody to do the final check before the Newspaper go to print.I am applaud at the standard of Post Courier Newspaper now a days.Where are the CEO’s of the company and the Owners for that matter?What has gone wrong here?

      It seems pretty obvious here that there is Neglect and Slackness on the part of the person/s from my point of view.Perhaps the Parent Company has lost interest in Post Courier and thus couldn’t care less about it’s former high standard.Or the best performing Staff have all been “Swallowed” up by better pay and conditions from the SO called BOOM and have left.But it is a sorry state of affairs for this once upon a time great Newspaper.It ‘s pathetic how they have allowed this neglect to go on.Someone has to rise to the standard or else,this Newspaper do will go the “Dogs too”!

      1. Bloggers;

        I have made the unpardonable error of words “APPLAUD/PROVE ” the right words should be “APPALLED” and “PROOF ” My sins have found me out,I was a little too hasty,this is a classic example of not proof,ha ha!

        So there you go folks!

    3. I hate to read this bit since it doesn’t make any sense at all! Complete discrimanatory and irresponsible reporting… She should be dissiplined.

    4. Emmanuel, I read it just but didn’t want to comment. I think we will agree that it has to many faults in it and sounds completely wrong.

      But this four… how about… but these four. The sentence shouldn’t even start with But because it is not contradicting the previous sentence. (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

      I some times wonder if these journalist (both National and Post) read other overseas news papers. The PC people could do well to read other Murdoch publications. The content may not be helpful but it would do them a whole lot of good to be exposed to some decent grammar and punctuation.

      I am sure Sir Water Murdoch (Professor in English) would turn in his grave knowing that is nephew’s company is publishing sub-standard English for people whose only exposure to written English language may be this paper.

      1. Another Murdock pper is the NT News in Au. It has its typos by the number [and grammar, too] but not qhite what we have here exposed! Wouldn’t have done in the Luke Sela editorship of the Lost Courier, I can assure you – a man who wrote and spoke real English!

  3. Sorry Post Courier but I have to agree with the sentiments as expressed by everyone here. There has been a marked drop in the standard of English in recent times and this must be urgently addressed.

    Don’t forget that there is a segment of our society who are currently learning English in school and who also read your papers. If nothing else, you owe it to them to ensure the standard of English you carry in your papers is maintained to a certain minimum quality.

  4. I read both papers every day online, The Post Courier and The National (when they are updated and current). While as I do not always exercise it in my personal correspondence, correct grammar was beaten into me by the priests and brothers whom I was educated by.

    The grammatical error of using ‘Being’ in place of ‘Been’ as I recall was covered in primary education.

    This glaring grammatical error executed by the Post Courier, I believe, is a great example of just how reliant a lot of us have become on computerized spell checking. Sure the word’s spelling is correct, but is it the right word for the message been conveyed in the context of the sentence.

    I really do feel for anyone learning English as a second language, in many ways it was like the ‘pidgin’ of Europe and therefore a very hard language to master, as it’s ‘rules’ can come from any of the base languages it is derived from, French, Latin, German (the list goes on).

    That said, one would and should, expect more from a news limited backed

  5. I hardly read the weekend courier, it is a waste of grey matter. Someone probably put it together as an after – thought. This insult to our grasp of the english language would not be accepted in the daily Post Courier but seems to flourish in the weekend courier. Please Post Courier, get your act together before you start losing your loyal readers…

  6. Hi everyone, I’m Peter from the National and after reading about PC’s editorial blunder all I can say is … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No wonder we’re flogging them in sales!

    1. Peter

      If I was you, I wouldn’t go laughing to hard.

      The National has had its fair share of blunders and I’m sure more are on their way.

      1. I often wonder what the role of a sub editor and editor is? Both newspapers are guilty of sub standard English from time to time. I must admit though, that the Post Courier really doesn’t impress me any more. Their new look isn’t that great either.

  7. I guess the proof reader has trouble with English as well. Don’t worry, the standard of English has dropped everywhere but the item above takes the cake.

    Anyway the point of submitting a reply is to highlight the following quote from your text above…

    *** but the text under the image reads as folllows: ***

    I guess that means follow. 🙂

    Those in glass house?

    1. Peter, read both the sentences out aloud to yourself and tell me which one sounds correct to you?

      1. The text under the image reads as follows, or

      2. The text under the image reads as follow?

  8. I have ‘being’ very busy with my ‘choirs’ all day from 8am till midnight as an editor at The National and have only now ‘being’ able to comment that this indeed an amazing scoop by Gorethy Kenneth. It really makes us ‘being’ invalid. Good night.

  9. I am not here to comment so as to belittle post courier and uplift the national but it has ‘being’ obvious that this kind of mistake was not a one of case or just another oversight. The editor should seriously address proof reading before printing..and hey Judy, I noticed your spelling mistakes and was going to comment but you noticed you yet luksave pinis. 10/10 points to you.

    1. Martin,

      Thank you for that Martin.Yes,I was a little too hasty!.Every once in a while I do contribute a little towards the blog site, and when I see the typing errors after submitting I squirm in horror.

      I have a lame excuse, and that is, I am only human.

  10. PNG desperately needs at least 2 good and independent daily newspapers…despite teh growth of valuable blogs etc..the National is producing good material, commentaries and editorials, but has it’s soft underbelly with respect to logging, where it largely reports its it’s own propaganda (except when one of it’s reporters sneaks something through). The Post has allowed itslef to slip in standards and slide to a lower common denominator, reading more like a series of SMSs…adn could easinly slip to the standard of tits and bums prevalent in some of the Murdoch press empire…it needs to sharpen its wits and assume a higher level of intelligence amongst its readers…both papers have a dreadfully high staff turnover; a paper can’t just make its money on adverts and property; at the end of the day it requires loyal readers, who need to be taken seriously, adn it requires investment in building up staff capacity and retaining qulaity and committed staff, and investing in investigative work and following up stories, not just taking the press statements and writing to please or avoid upsetting the leaders..the PNG press needs to sharpen up and especially the PC which is widely viewed as having having slipped badly in recent times; adn if you’re going to have large sized photos you need a much better quality print than you have!! if you’re not going to make that commitment and investment, then it’s about time a new competitive daily entered the field to give yo all a run for your money; the radio channels are doing better and many staff, like Malum are working the b’s off; well done, but the companies need to be far less complacent…

  11. Settle down everyone from National. This is not a Post vs National debate. Settle down everyone from National. This is not a Post vs National debate. Go do it elsewhere if you are bent on taking a cheap shot at each other.

    The issue here is that someone has carelessly dropped the standard of English they carry in their papers and this must be fixed. I don’t know whether National is equally culpable because I can’t read their paper while issues regarding our forestry sector remain buried under the carpet.

  12. uh … uum… Good one bro.However, PC will not mind because they are now more concern with the looks and not content or words that makes up the content. GK on the other hand decided she should play with words in her para on pg 7 and she did it smartly – She is trading her experince with tiredness I think.

    I guess its the text messaging that is getting into PC and its reporter’ head. oops is my aposthrophe (is that how it is spelt) on reporter right? Before or after? or maybe I just forgot the S? And who says it is not the editor or sub-editor’s fault? That is what you continuously get from our two daily’s because they all wait for news to go to them. Ask them to come to a news conference where there is no refreshment and see who turns up!!!

  13. PC English, editorial quality and even their circulation is on a nose-dive. PC has also succeeded in burying its Sports pages where you have to look hard to find. The sports articles do not look and read like sports stories anymore ’cause they are mixed with “Career” materials as well as a horde of other stories roughly tucked away somewhere. There are people who buy papers just to read Sports – and read from the back!

  14. I have had serious problems with the Post Courier people when submitting my viewpoint to the viewpoint column. Sometimes to they end up misrepresenting my views altogether. I was nearly sued for defamation by a politician when what I originally sent to the Post Courier was carelessly reduced to something completely different from my intended views. This is a good wake-up call. Seriously. For the task at end, here goes Manu, In brackets, the korrect (oops, correct) spelling or, sentence structure or basic vocabulary:

    “All four a (are) wheel chair ridden. Invalid (Since) they cannot be of help to one another in doing house choirs or helping out in the garden (,) But (delete “But”) this (these) four siblings have God to thank for their loving parents for putting up with them and still (delete “still”) providing (them) the basic things in life for them (delete “for them”). This is an amazing story told by GORETHY KENNETH who visited the family on Buka island. REPORT PAGE 7“.

    My little own contribution to this very, very funny joke of a newspaper. Professionals eh?

  15. A lot of these so called amazing tales from the same journo are amazingly inaccurate. With a number of her stories, they seem written in a rush to meet deadlines, hence the butchering of Her Majesty’s English. With some, it reads obviously from those that have the facts that she is making up just to make a printable story, no matter how deficient of facts or inaccurate the story might read. With others, there is obvious sensationalism that reads through if you are a Bougie reading it. With others, they a simply lousy and lazy journalism. There are others where she shows horrible bias and I do not see the funny side of this. Recently she has been pitting Momis against Semoso in a bellicose way which is misreporting because both leaders are not going at each other personally but expressing differences on processes, procedures and how each see the merits or demerits in discussing decisions that have been made. IF you do not believe this read all her stories on Bougainville. Bougainville is not a fair game where anything goes! Unfortunately our own GK does not think so.

  16. Hi all,

    I have been (BEING)laughing to myself while reading all your comments.

    Emmanuel thanks for the initiative to make this public.

  17. I believe this is one of the negative effects of texting on mobile phones that impacts on the english grammar and pronounciation over a long period of time. The most at risk are the gen y who generally struggle writing a decent essay during english exams in most schools in PNG and abroad. Ask any teacher !!!

  18. duh? haven’t you guys noticed this problem since yonks ago? tell me about it…post courier seriously doesn’t know english…it sux even more that some university students don’t even know basic grammar and punctuation. either we scrap english and make motuan or engan our national language, or we at least write it (and speak it) well.

  19. I’m glad some people were concerned. I was shocked that the Post Courier would allow this to happen. The front page! Imagine it.

    I think the Post Courier’s quality has been dropping, with its reporters shunning factual reporting in favor of story telling, bloody irritating I tell you.
    Well that’s my steam vented, thanks for blogging about it.

    By the way, I enjoy your blog, kind of regularly visit, rarely comment.


      1. As mentioned by some of the writers, PC has really lost its quality. Umpteen times have errors been sighted in this so-called national paper.

        And yes, I agree that their editors must be held responsible for their oversight.

        Or, perhaps they need to go back to the classroom to learn basic English (grammar, vocabulary, etc)…

  20. Oh it never ends, bro. This has been ongoing.
    Spelling and grammatical errors are only half the sum of this scourge eating into this once great newspaper company. Some of the supposed news pieces are downright pathetic, riddled with jumbled corny lines I have to reach for an Aspirin. There’s less facts and more emotional and often sensationalised and biased junk.
    Take for example a story titled ‘I am my own man’ published on Monday (6/9/10). And this is supposed to be a ‘NEWS’ piece??
    I had to pick up a new paper because I threw up onto the pages of the first copy while only into the first few lines of that story.

  21. lol! good job with the blog manu! just dropped by and totally “cracked up” call me “late bus” but I’ve (being) a lil’ busy! puts our papers on notice, well done!

  22. Not only are Post Courier journalists and editors bad with their English-writing skills, much more unispiring is their total lack of comprehension of knowledge of basic geography. Consider the following examples:

    1). In today’s (September 27th) edition, the story “Chief blasts ‘promises'” by Jonathan Tanos, he writes:

    “Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and two African counterparts have blasted developed countries for making “empty promises” and “failure” to honor climate change funding commitments.”

    Apparently, the two “African” countries included Gubon and Guyana. I am sorry to say that Guyana is in fact in South America and not Africa! See for yourself the story:

    2). In their section “Pacific News”, three of the stories there are entitled: “Bangladesh evastated by anthrax”; Snowbird takes flight (an article about a Canadian student attempting to fly using a human-powered, wing-flapping aircraft) and; “Obama slams Iranian leader”.

    None of the above stories relate to the “Pacific”!


  23. Sub-editing is a precise craft. How would anyone in PNG, PC, The National, Uni Tavur or Islands Business know that? There is no culture of journalism in PNG for reporters or readers to follow. Sub-editing is a craft that is learned on the job and honed by infinite reading and practice.
    BTW, Peter Pusal, I like your exuberance, but it’s not called for. Tone it down.
    Greetings to Malum, always the hardworking blogger.

  24. Sorry got the late bus, just following Manu’s awesome summary of the CAPA Communication Conference and saw the posts…

    Sanjay, I agree its not called for…Both papers have had their fair share of grammatical & typo errors and misreporting plus other issues over the years…though its a real concern PC has had a big slip in recent times and should seriously address this… Good thing Manu brought it up for constructive discussion… The issue here as some have mentioned is why this has happened and what needs to be done to address it…for all our benefits…Sad to say there seems to be a bad tendency of sensationalism and misreporting – what happened to the quality checks? Then again, what standard of English is ‘been’ taught in our schools, colleges and universities? Is enough ‘been’ done in regards to providing enriching opportunities for our journo’s to enhance their writing/communication skills, including editing…?….

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